I had a child and both of our parents were in another country so wanted to keep them updated with photos and videos but refused to use social media. I have been using Back Then which, to be fair, has worked pretty well. I pay a subscription and can give access to anybody I want through their email. They then have to download an app and sign in to see. It updates them if there’s new photos and shows them in a nice chronological order by age. There are other features (likes and comments) but tbh, no-one really uses them and I don’t care about that. For me, it’s just the privacy and access control I’m after

Now I have built my home server and got to the point where it’s reliable (enough), plus I’m happy with my security/SSO setup, does anybody recommend a self hosted photo sharing tool?

  • bbcA
    5 months ago

    Training parents in another country is extremely difficult. I am stuck with iCloud Shared Albums for years. Unable to find a selfhosted alternative.